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The 4P Process

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”


Benjamin Franklin had this figured out long ago, but we still see so many people “planning to fail” with regard to their kitchen or bath remodeling projects. Unfortunately, we see other professionals in our industry do the same thing, and not planning ahead, which causes everything from budget overages to scheduling issues to design problems.

But at Thompson Price, we approach every project with a plan from the get go. We’ve even given it an “official name” — The 4P Process! It’s what makes us different and ensures that we approach every job with same guiding principles.

The perfect Plan

This part of the process is very unique compared to other companies or contractors. There’s no way to get prices on a new house when you haven’t hired an architect to develop the plans and specifications. Kitchens and bathrooms work the exact same way and PerfectPlan assures our customers that they are going to receive the best living space possible for their family’s unique needs, for their personal style and for their desired budget.

The perfect products

Selections are simple when you work with Thompson Price thanks to PerfectProducts. No matter what plan and what segment, we’ll specify the PerfectProducts to fit your lifestyle and your price point without sacrificing quality or style.

The perfect price

Who needs multiple quotes when you can have a PerfectPrice? Our approach to project estimation is completely different than the norm. Thompson Price created PerfectPrice so our customers have full transparency in what they’re purchasing along with cost alternatives for everything. What does that mean for you? Exact numbers, competitive prices, no allowances and no overages. Don’t you wish everything was that simple?

The perfect project

What happens after all the decisions are made and you’ve written that deposit check?  Normally – worry. Will my project start on time? Will I get along with my installer and will he have a brain? What if no one shows up? What if we encounter problems?  PerfectProject is our way of allowing our customers to r-e-l-a-x. This means products are delivered to your home before the project even starts, permits and paperwork are finalized ahead of time, items are checked in as they’re received, the right people are in the field, project forecasts and time-lines are issued so you know what to expect. Add to that the best warranty in the industry and you’ve got yourself a PerfectProject.  

This process came about from working with countless clients throughout our area. But guess what, we can make remodeling fun! 

What’s next?

This process came about from working with countless clients throughout our area. But guess what, we can make remodeling fun! 


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